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Helping Lenders & Homeowners Succeed

Pre-Purchase Counseling   

Buying a home presents challenges for purchasers and lenders alike. Our services assist homeowners…and lenders too.

With our pre- and post-purchase financial counseling for first time homebuyers, lenders

and other banking institutions have chosen to partner with us to help homeowners navigate the process more easily, while simultaneously helping lenders focus their time and energy on working with pre-qualified individuals.


The NHN Counseling Connection (NCC) is a telephone-based counseling center where each phone counselor is trained to help assess the consumer’s individual situation, answer questions, address concerns, and establish a plan to become a successful homebuyer. In addition to providing services over the phone, NCC counselors can assist consumers by connecting them with a local nonprofit housing counseling agency for in-person assistance if they prefer.

How Lenders Benefit:

− Opportunity to take your existing leads lists

   and have them vetted giving you

   pre-qualified individuals.


− Receive additional leads that come in to the

   NCC telephone line as one of our partners.


− Never say no…. refer clients that are not

   ready and we can get them ready for you

   over time, allowing you to maintain a

   relationship and a pipeline of leads that

   may return ready for homeownership.


− Reduced risk of mortgage default for

   referred borrowers.


− Increase efficiency in the lending process,

   as the NCC helps the individual buyer not

   only navigate the process but collect proper

   support documentation.


COST for service sponsored by NHF.

How Homeowners Benefit:

− Assistance in financial planning and

   preparation pre- and post-purchase.


− Loan pre-qualification review before

   meeting with a lender.


− Reduced risk of mortgage delinquency

   with fundamental budget counseling.


Little or no cost to referred consumer.

Did You Know:

- First time buyers who get housing counseling are nearly

   30% more likely to stay current on their mortgages

- Early intervention and counseling means homeowners

   are up to 70% more likely to keep their homes

- 98% of individuals receiving pre-purchase counseling

   result in non-default loans

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About the NHN


The NHN is the largest family of community-based organizations working together to empower Latino wealth-building through homeownership, by developing effective, efficient programs blending research, advocacy, and direct consumer counseling.


NHN is a network of housing counseling nonprofit organizations that provide pre- and post-purchase counseling for first-time homebuyers, foreclosure prevention counseling, personal financial management, wealth-building, and other housing counseling services to help consumers with all aspects of their housing needs.


•  The NHN comprises approximately 50 community-based affiliates in 27 states


•  Each NHN affiliate is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


•  NHN counseling affiliates serve more than 65,000 families annually


•  The NHN serves the growing demand for bilingual, bicultural services in communities nationwide


The NCLR Homeownership Network also has a telephone-based counseling center, where each phone counselor is trained to help assess the clients individual situation, answer questions, address concerns, and ultimately help them get back on track to financial stability. Telephone counselors can also serve as a liaison to callers by helping connect them to a local NHN affiliate nonprofit housing counseling agency for further assistance when appropriate.


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